In Greece, a dynamic human capital is active that seeks creative outlets, to innovate and support the local economy and entrepreneurship. In addition, there is a high concentration of academic and research institutions that have extensive know-how in applied sectors of society and the economy.

On the other hand, there are branches of economic activity that can benefit greatly from modern technologies and practices. But corporate R&D is of course not enough, especially with reduced costs required in many cases. Businesses, institutions and organizations need to have access to research and innovation that can improve their value chain.

In this context, Crowdpolicy organizes the Crowdhackathon innovation competitions with the aim of creating model applications and business models.

During a crowdhackathon, participants discuss ideas for implementation with expert mentors involved in the process. The proposals are evaluated and the most popular ones are selected in order to implement them. Each crowdhackathon has a lead partner, who has a good position on the marathon theme. In collaboration with him and with the sponsors who support each crowdhackathon, we define the strategic goals on which we will work and formulate the technical specifications of the problems we want to solve. The specifications are put up for public consultation and thus are co-formed until the day of the event. Participation for all contestants is free.



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