The Innovation Lab (Accelerator) is an initiative that promotes innovation and sustainable development through the implementation and pilot testing of innovative applications and proposals. It can consist of a physical space where actions are developed as well as a comprehensive action plan to support the participants.

The goals of the innovation and entrepreneurship hub are to mature innovative business ideas and transform them into profitable new extroverted companies or units of an organization.

At the same time, the youth entrepreneurship ecosystem is maturing, so that through actions and energies, young people are motivated to acquire skills and develop ideas that can develop into new businesses.

The main goals of the accelerator are:

  • technical and operational application development support,
  • the maturation of MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) and creation of final products,
  • the strategic use of data and APIs,
  • the creation of a community and an ecosystem,
  • utilization of results of competitions and innovation marathons,
  • the maturation of business ventures to be able to claim seed funding.

Accelerators can operate within businesses to support teams and synergies with the dynamic startup ecosystem.


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