Visa Innovation Program


Simply is an AI driven point of sale, inventory management and retail store automation platform helping retail business be better at business. Simply enables retailers to run their stores in auto pilot by putting AI trained models to accomplish hard tasks like purchase orders, ecommerce management, payments, loyalty, analytics and more.


We believe that the next stage for Open Banking is Credit Scoring and Income Verification. It will be a challenging journey of building trust. We are here to help you incorporate them with your current processes.We are developing a new type of credit reference, which is: Instant, transparent, automated & highly predictive Based on customer’s account data using Open Banking (PSD2).


Plum is the AI assistant that boosts your bank balance. By analysing users’ income and expenditure, Plum identifies where small savings can be made on their behalf. Plum can also identify when users are being regularly overcharged on bills, and will automatically notify them when there’s a better deal available. If users decide they’d like to try and grow their money for the future, Plum can help with that too, as they offer a range of investment options that cater for newbies and seasoned-pros alike!


iSPIRAL is a leading Regulatory Technology software provider delivering state-of-art Onboarding, AML, KYC, Risk and Compliance solutions. Over the past 13 years, the firm helped hundreds of businesses meet their compliance and regulatory obligations in a seamless and automated fashion. The organization envisions a world without financial crime and for that reason, its solutions are incorporating breakthrough technologies like cloud computing, machine learning and BI analytics aiming to detect fraud and manage risks faster and more accurately. iSPIRAL’s expertise spans in various sectors such as Banking, Investment, Forex, Insurance, PSPs, Audit, Legal firms, Telecommunication providers, Hospitals and Clinics, and Governmental bodies.


Quadible helps financial organisations reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. We offer an AI-platform that continuously authenticates their users, without the need of any user input, by learning more than 14 unique behavioural patterns such as the way they move, the way they use their devices, their biometrics and transactional patterns. Our customers get a far more secure and user-friendlier authentication that mitigates fraud and discards burdensome passwords/multi-factor authentication, helping them deliver a better service to their customers while saving costs at the same time.


GivingStreets provides a financial inclusion platform that enables cashless donations to homeless, buskers, charities and facilitates the cashless redemption of the collected donations to collaborating businesses. It uses state-of-the-art and popular technologies to work and provides unparalleled transparency and accountability in process by means of distributed ledgers. GivingsStreets increases the impact of donations by making them direct-to-beneficiary and fosters the aspect of solidarity. We plan to extend our reach to refugees and those seeking asylum and facilitate their smooth integration. Our vision is to digitally transform the Third Sector and make societies more inclusive to the vulnerable parts of the population.

Stoferno is an on-demand platform that allows users to get local groceries delivered to their doorstep in as little as an hour.


Bubbllz is a free and simple way to get rewarded from the photos you upload on social media. Brands, stores, e-shops, sponsors want your content because your are the influencer they want.

Linked Business

Linked Business platform enables you to carry out a range of smart checks on your customer's and vendor's profile and data, by implementing a multidimensional evaluation of the risks, their corporate assets and their entire business network.


Ferryhopper offers a booking engine to find all direct and indirect ferry connections between the islands of Greece, Italy & Turkey, and book your ferry tickets for multiple trips in one go. 


Doitforme is a social network for freelancers in the services industry. The professional creates an account, fills out his profile by entering CV, skills and personal information and publishing Services. Their clients can see this information with a few clicks and call the professional directly or send them a personal message through chat. Clients can evaluate the freelancer in collaboration. The freelancer has access to a statistical tool to monitor its performance.  


Orderstate is an end-to-end, cross-company, tracking and collaboration SaaS platform for the supply chain industry. It is helping freight forwarders and traders (importers/exporters) get full visibility of an order from order placement, to production, to quality control, to shipment, to customs clearance, to inspection, to final delivery. It allows all parties to know what and when to expect: the end customer, the manufacturer, the intermediary parties. At the same time, we are helping ports to optimize container release and port operations.