Visa Innovation Program


Stoferno is an on-demand platform that allows users to get local groceries delivered to their doorstep in as little as an hour.


Bubbllz is a free and simple way to get rewarded from the photos you upload on social media. Brands, stores, e-shops, sponsors want your content because your are the influencer they want.

Linked Business

Linked Business platform enables you to carry out a range of smart checks on your customer's and vendor's profile and data, by implementing a multidimensional evaluation of the risks, their corporate assets and their entire business network.


Ferryhopper offers a booking engine to find all direct and indirect ferry connections between the islands of Greece, Italy & Turkey, and book your ferry tickets for multiple trips in one go. 


Doitforme is a social network for freelancers in the services industry. The professional creates an account, fills out his profile by entering CV, skills and personal information and publishing Services. Their clients can see this information with a few clicks and call the professional directly or send them a personal message through chat. Clients can evaluate the freelancer in collaboration. The freelancer has access to a statistical tool to monitor its performance.  


Orderstate is an end-to-end, cross-company, tracking and collaboration SaaS platform for the supply chain industry. It is helping freight forwarders and traders (importers/exporters) get full visibility of an order from order placement, to production, to quality control, to shipment, to customs clearance, to inspection, to final delivery. It allows all parties to know what and when to expect: the end customer, the manufacturer, the intermediary parties. At the same time, we are helping ports to optimize container release and port operations.