Crowd_Ideabox is a direct and easy way to submit, collect and evaluate ideas inside an organization. 

It is a digital platform directed at organizations and companies with the goal of executive engagement and encouragement of innovative suggestions and ideas. 

With Crowd_Ideabox, company executives can share suggestions and ideas that can improve already existing protocols, create new ones, develop innovative products-services etc.

The procedure of idea registration includes 4 simple steps:

  1. Keep up with the categories: Choose the category that inspires you, in order to think of a unique idea.
  2. Join Ideabox: Create an account so that you can submit your idea, while seeing and voting your colleagues’ ideas.
  3. Share your idea: Submit your idea until the final date of submission to participate in the competition. If you’re feeling inspired, you can submit more than one!
  4. Claim the prize: After the competition is over and all ideas are judged, a winner is announced who can be decided either according to the impact the idea had (total number of votes), or by possibility of implementation (judged by the managers).

The active participation of executives in the organization’s procedures, the reward for good practices and ideas and the simple and convenient digital platform for the submission of those ideas are just some of the many benefits of Crowd_Ideabox.

It’s a way to make your organization better!