Milestones – Awards


Digital Finance Awards 2022 - Gold Award

Χρυσό (Gold) βραβείο στην κατηγορία “Fintech Solution”, για την Open Finance Ψηφιακή Πλατφόρμα FintelioX - Περισσότερα:

Mobile Excellence Awards 2022 - Gold Award - Municipality of Moschato-Tavros

In the context of the Mobile Excellence Awards 2022, the Municipality of Moschato-Tavros was distinguished with the Gold award in the category "Mobile Government", for the mobile application City On, which provides comprehensive information and connection of citizens with the Municipality. - More Info:

Mobile Excellence Awards 2022 - Silver Award - ΔΕΗ

With a Silver Award was distinguished the Public Electricity Company SA. (PPC), in the category "Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Mobile Business Sector" (Innovative Mobile Application / Services), for the automatic mobile digital assistant with customer engagement mechanisms through multi-channel messages. - More Info:

Hellenic Responsible Business Awards - SUP Free Hackathon - Gold Award

Βιομηχανία, Καινοτομία & Υποδομές - Lidl Ελλάς | Κοινωφελές Ίδρυμα Αθανάσιου Κ. Λασκαρίδη | Crowdpolicy: Sup Free Hackathon υπό την αιγίδα του Υπουργείου Περιβάλλοντος και Ενέργειας

Best City Awards 2020 - Smart City Supplier of the Year

Crowdpolicy, Smart City Supplier of the Year. More:

Best City Awards 2020 - City_On: Η πόλη στα χέρια σου!, Gold Award

Pillar A. Liveable City - section 3: ICT & Governance - Gold Award: City_On: The city in your hands! Mobile application to have your Municipality and all the news on your mobile. - City Agenda: Multichannel management of citizens' issues, with the example of the Municipality of Agios Dimitrios. See More:

Best City Awards 2020 - Social WiFi + WiFi4EU, powered by Crowdpolicy, Gold Award

Pillar B. Green City - unit 1. Buildings - ICT / IoT Applications - Gold Award: Unified Social WiFi + WiFi4EU Solution, powered by Crowdpolicy - Wireless Network for smart cities and IoT applications for the Municipality of Moschato - Tavros. See More:

Best City Awards 2020 - Municipality of Agia, Gold Award

Municipality of Agia: #we stay_active: Platform to support productive sectors of the economy and fight unemployment. See more:

Best City Awards 2020 -Crowd Procurement, Bronze Award

Pillar A. Liveable City - module 3: ICT & Governance - Bronze Award: Crowd procurement: Contract Management and Financial Data Management Platform in Municipalities and Regions. See More:

Best City Awards 2020 - Municipality of West Lesvos, Bronze Award

Municipality of West Lesvos: Participation Platform. See more:

Best City Awards 2020 - Δήμος Αγίου Δημητρίου, Bronze Award

Municipality of Agios Dimitrios: Preparation & Publication of a Sustainable Development Report for the year 2017. See more:

Best City Awards 2020 - Antivirus Crowdhackathon, Silver Award

Region of Attica: Carrying out a remote marathon for the development of innovative applications for dealing with the pandemic: Antivirus Crowdhackathon. See more:

Best City Awards 2020 - Δήμος Πάτμου - Patmos Bot, Silver Award

Chat with Patmos Bot:

Best City Awards 2020 - Δήμος Μοσχάτου - Ταύρου: CROWD DLT, Silver Award

Municipality of Moschato - Tavros: CROWD DLT, blockchain application to strengthen the digital governance of the Municipality. See more:

Crowdpolicy in the 100 companies that change Greece and the world!

In the category of technology companies - Scaleups we present 30 companies that through innovation and technological specialization have grown rapidly in Greece and especially abroad being the new Greek multinationals! Most of them come from the first Greek Startups.

The Region of Attica and the Antivirus Crowdhackathon in the 10 Finalists of the European Innovation in Politics Awards The Innovation in Politics Awards 2020


Mobile Excellence Awards 2020

Mobile Customer Engagement & Personalized Services

Digital Innovation Challenge

Crowd DLT, Crowdpolicy’s blockchain solution for local authorities has been shortlisted in the context of European Commission’s Digital Innovation Challenge and we are currently looking forward to the upcoming co-creation Bootcamp.

Premium member του European Crowdfunding Network

Η CrowdPolicy είναι από σήμερα και επίσημα ο πρώτος φορέας από την Ελλάδα που γίνεται μέλος (premium member) του European Crowdfunding Network:

Greek Fintech Cluster

Crowdpolicy led the initiative to create the first fintech cluster in Greece, with Greek Fintech Cluster already consisting of 12 members. Eight SMEs and four research organizations (IOBE, Institute for Regional Development, etc.) have signed the relevant Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), followed by large enterprises and financial institutions to be involved in the next phase.

Verde.tec: Social Wi-fi

The Municipality of Moschato-Tavros won the “Social Networking” award for the program Social Wi-Fi 2018 at “Greek Green Awards 2018” in the context of verde.tec forum: Best practices of organizations and local authorities for the environment and sustainability. The event was held on March 2-4, 2018 at the MEC Peania Exhibition Center by Technoekdotiki / T-Press in cooperation with the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece and the Technical Chamber of Greece. Crowdpolicy has undertaken the design, implementation and operational support of Social Wi-Fi. We are also proud of this distinction. More information

Verde.tec: Clean bot

The platform CleanBot used by the Cleaning Service of the Municipality of Nea Smyrni received the award “Applications” in the Category “Process “. George Krikris, Deputy Mayor of Nea Smyrni, received the award on behalf of the Municipality. The award ceremony took place at Mec Paiania Exhibition Center on Friday, March 2nd. Crowdpolicy has undertaken the design, implementation and operational support of Clean bot. More information

Marketing Excellence Awards: act4Greece

The Crowdfunding Program act4Greece received an award at “Marketing Excellence Awards”. Specifically, the Program won the 1st prize in the thematic section “Communicating Effectively” under the “Cause Related Marketing Communications” category. The awards are awarded by the Hellenic Institute of Marketing of Hellenic Management Association. The Evaluation Committees were made up of senior Marketing, Communication and Market Research Executives, and members of the Academic Community. Crowdpolicy has undertaken the design, implementation and operational support of the platform act4Greece. We are also proud of this distinction. More information

Best City Awards: Social Wi-fi

The Municipality of Moschato – Tavros was awarded with the Silver Award at Best City Awards for the development of the network Social Wi-Fi in the category “Implementation of free wireless broadband Internet access in common areas”. Social Wi-Fi is a free wireless internet access network that leads to the development of digital services created by citizens for the citizens. Municipalities and citizens work together to improve everyday life. Crowdpolicy has undertaken the design, implementation and operational support of Social Wi-Fi. We are also proud of this distinction. More information

Bite Awards: act4Greece

The online platform act4Greece was awarded the Silver Award in the category “CSR Strategy Support”, in the context of the Business IT Excellence (BITE) Awards. act4Greece is an innovative online platform that makes it possible, through easy and transparent procedures, to gather funds from “the crowd” to support projects of a social and developmental orientation. Crowdpolicy has undertaken the design, implementation and operational support of act4Greece. We are also proud of this distinction. More information

IT4GOV Awards: Consultation platform of the Municipality of Nea Smyrni

The “ΙΤ 4 Gov” Competition was organized by the Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Research and Religion and the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism. One of the 10 proposals that were selected is the Expansion of Operational Capabilities of the Consultation Platform of the Municipality of Nea Smyrni, which has been implemented by Crowdpolicy. It proposes a digital consultation platform designed to support dialogue in order to plan the actions of the Municipality of Nea Smyrni. More information

InfoCom World: act4greece

National Bank of Greece was awarded the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) award for its online crowdfunding platform at the 18th Infocom World 2016, the biggest ICT & Media conference in SE Europe. George Kametas, head of the Business Banking Sector of the Retail Segments Division, received the award at an event held on 2 November 2016. More information

Best City Awards: City Agenda

A very important distinction in the field of self-government was achieved by the municipal group “Haidari Xana” that was awarded the Silver Award at the competition Best City Awards 2016 for its innovative crowdsourcing – civic engagement platform “haidari-agenda” designed and implemented by Crowdpolicy. The CityAgenda platform falls within the series of integrated CrowdApps cloud tools and is an innovative crowdsourcing tool. More information


Having successfully implemented a series of crowdsourcing projects for the Greek Market, Crowpolicy established its subsiadiary and developed partnerships in Cyprus and UK, aiming to expand its operations in the European Region.

Bloomberg Mayors Challenge: Synathina

The proposal that was awarded concerned the implementation of a digital platform to support networks of engaged citizens who provide solutions for the city and, thus, help the Municipality improve. Crowdpolicy has been an active member of the Synathina team, since its initial planning and implementation, and has been actively involved in submitting the proposal along with the team of the City of Athens. The planning was based on the belief that smart and mostly sustainable solutions often result from the people that know their neighborhood, and want to help improve it and make it beautiful. More information


Having a robust and successful experience in large scale crowdsourced projects, Michael and George founded Crowdpolicy in 2012, aiming to capitalize on their vast know-how and to provide added value services to organizations (public & private sector, NGOs).


Crowdpolicy Founders, namely Michael (@psalidas) and George (@karamanolis), were integral parts of the OpenGov Initiatives in Greece for the period 2009-2012, having active participation in more than 30 Public Sector Projects, such as: :: Opengov (consultations, recruitment) :: Clarity -Diavgeia (post decisions of public sector) :: Agora (post contracts) :: e-government law :: Open innovation for Public Administration (openlabs & openpad) :: Open Data - Geodata :: Strategy for ICT - Digital Greece 2020