Solution for government


Digital Gov

We propose an action plan and guidelines for the application of e-Governance, taking into account the following:

  • The internal operation of the Public Sector Bodies as organizations dealing with and serving citizens, businesses and other public entities
  • The role of the Public Sector Bodies which is based on the effective utilization of existing data (evidence based & data driven policy making)
  • Their political role in boosting growth and stimulating the economy at local, regional and national level.
  • The synergies and alignment with European policies
  • The existence of examples and actions of networks of citizens and communities that can participate in joint problem solving

The philosophy of our approach

The proposed approach is based on the following:

  • Internal organization of IT structures (IT organization & Governance)
  • Immediate results – Indicative short-term actions
  • Creation of conditions for the shaping of a medium and long-term planning consistent with the Strategic Framework of each Body and their particular needs. The planning can be started through an online consultation process
  • Strengthening of the involvement of citizens and collective Bodies through Crowdsourcing actions (crowdhackathons, accelerators, citylabs)
  • Infrastructures providing easy access to the Internet for everyone

Our proposal suggests indicative areas and interventions that can be implemented in the short term. Interventions can result from the collaboration of internal structures of public sector Bodies, flexible outsourcing schemes and cooperation with research and academic networks as well as communities of active citizens, and smart solutions and methodologies developed by our team (civictech, crowdsourcing).


The main goal of this e-portal is providing complete information to citizens and visitors, concerning every issue. Τhose issues may vary from direct usefulness matters to frequently asked questions and interesting facts about the city , the Municipality or the Region. 

The platform is implemented in modern, open sourced Content Management System, in order to enable such features as scalability and independence from providers.

6 Principles:

  1. User friendly navigation, search and taxonomy system
  2. Scalability: ability of dynamic satisfaction of multiple requirements, without interrupting the normal flow of system’s functionality 
  3. Security: protection services from errors, viruses, access and unproved information share
  4. Fast and overall data presentation 
  5. User’s recognition and secure interaction among the context and platform’s services
  6. Integrated e-government and participation services

This service includes cloud e-government applications in a consistent environment, which reassures transparency, citizen care and new business plans promotion.

Open APIs

Today, municipalities have the power to collect citizen-supplied feedback, public demographic and census data, and even digital system interaction data. APIs create the conditions for cooperation between local authorities  and technology providers, which results in new services used by digital customers and a transformed business model.

Municipalities, as organizations, have the potential to develop new innovative solutions on their own. However, internal innovation is a difficult issue and they usually need help from third parties. External assistance is generously offered by innovative fintech companies that are trying to develop new innovative products and solutions but do not have customers, which banks do. All this is an innovation path that the organization has to walk in order to get on the digital transformation train. Innovation competitions, hackathons, incubators, accelerators, startup as a company are words we should start getting used to…


A framework providing authentication and consent management services.


Implement strong customer authentication

Provide authentication as a service to 3rd parties

Single sign-in

Enterprise single sign mobility

Social WiFi

The platform addresses to municipalities and local authorities. Its main goal is the creation of a community that can be sustained and expanded by the citizens themselves (community building). The technology used allows the easy and immediate expansion of the net towards any direction, with a simple set up and power point installation of a junction lying in a close distance radius of reception of the net. The cost of the junction is low and is installed with easily without the need of any adjustments.

Civic engagement

This suite entails a variety of platforms and services that invite the citizens to play an active role in the current situation of their municipality or broader region. Municipality involvement is encouraged through the participation in the corresponding platforms where citizens and collective bodies are more than welcome to suggest and evaluate ideas, and also monitor the actions under progress. The platforms which belong to this bandle are

  • Crowd participation
  • Post-it
  • Crowdfunding
  • Crowdbudget
  • City-Regio Plus 
  • OEngine#opendata
  • Open Council