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Open Data Hackathon powered by Growthfund

Coming Up | November 2022

The Open Data Hackathon of the companies of the Growthfund is a technological action of open innovation and aims at the activation (community activation) of the innovation ecosystem, agencies and businesses, to create prototype applications that promote digital transformation in important all sectors of the economy and society with the use of disruptive technologies and the utilization of open data. It is an action that is part of the Superfund's initiatives for the promotion and exploitation of open data with the participation of its companies. The Open Data Hackathon will take place on November 19-20, 2022 hybridly and with a physical presence at Innovathens (Piraeus 100, Gazi) but also remotely with video conferencing tools.

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Open Day Open Data Hackathon powered by Growthfund

Open Days | October 2022

We invite you to participate at the Open Day of the Open Data Hackathon of the Growthfund, for the presentation of the objectives, thematic sections and the process of the action. The Open Day will be held remotely using video conferencing tools on Tuesday, October 18, 2022 at 5:00 p.m.

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Sustainability Innovation Lab Day | BEYOND 2022

Open Days | October 2022

We invite you to the Sustainability Innovation Lab Day, in which there will be a presentation of the workshop, the results of the action so far, but also the presentation of the teams and ideas participating in the Sustainability Innovation Lab ♻️. The Sustainability Innovation Lab Day will take place, in person, as part of the Beyond exhibition, on Saturday October 1, 2022 at 10:30 am, at the Open Stage of Building 14 of HELEXPO. Register NOW Join: 👉

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Psmast Bootcamp

Crowdhackathons | July 2022

To Εργαστήριο PrivaSI του Τμήματος Πολιτισμικής Τεχνολογίας και Επικοινωνίας του Πανεπιστημίου Αιγαίου διοργανώνει Ημερίδα όπου θα παρουσιαστούν τα αποτελέσματα του έργου “Σχεδιασμός και κατασκευής ασφαλών έξυπνων συσκευών για τη διατήρηση της υλικής πολιτισμικής κληρονομιάς-PSmart” του Επιχειρησιακού Προγράμματος «Βορείου Αιγαίου 2014-2020», που συγχρηματοδοτείται από την Ευρωπαϊκή Ένωση (Ευρωπαϊκό Ταμείο Περιφερειακής Ανάπτυξης) και από εθνικούς πόρους. Την ίδια ημέρα διοργανώνεται και Bootcamp στόχος του οποίου είναι η συλλογή και καταγραφή ιδεών από τους/τις συμμετέχοντες/ουσες για δράσεις που θα μπορούσαν να αποτελέσουν επέκταση του παρόντος έργου ή/και καλύτερη αξιοποίηση των υφιστάμενων δραστηριοτήτων του. Στόχοι της διοργάνωσης είναι: - Η παρουσίαση των αποτελεσμάτων του έργου μέσω της ημερίδας - Η συλλογή και καταγραφή ιδεών από τους/τις συμμετέχοντες/ουσες για δράσεις που θα μπορούσαν να αποτελέσουν επέκταση του παρόντος έργου ή/και καλύτερη αξιοποίηση των υφιστάμενων δραστηριοτήτων του.

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O2HUB Info Day

Coming Up | July 2022

11 Ιουλίου 2022, στις 11:00 πμ #remote

Την Δευτέρα 11 Ιουλίου 2022 και ώρα 11:00 πμ, πραγματοποιείται η ανοιχτή ημερίδα O2HUB Info Day: Οι εταιρείες του Υπερταμείου ανοίγουν τα δεδομένα τουςη οποία θα πραγματοποιηθεί διαδικτυακά με εργαλεία τηλεδιάσκεψης.

👉 Δήλωση Συμμετοχής:

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Coding Challenge 4 Ukraine

Crowdhackathons | June 2022

It is a Pan-European online hackathon to develop technological solutions that will enable Ukrainians the access to and provision of everyday services and help the country’s recovery. Supported by the European Commission, and organized by Ukrainian Association of FinTech and Innovation Companies and European Digital Finance Association, the event will consist of two parts, ideational workshops and the hackathon proper. Winners will be announced during a hybrid event in Brussels at the end of June.

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Infinitech Hackathon

Coming Up | June 2022

The Infinitech hackathon is one of the open innovation actions in the context of the “Infinitech Project”, implementing the Infinitech Way. This is a 2-day innovation hackathon event, where developers (either individually or in teams) will have the opportunity to build their own assets and contribute to Infinitech’s Marketplace. In order to participate to the hackathon, you need to first register to the Infinitech’s marketplace here:   The Infinitech Hackathon will take place remotely at 16-17 June 2022.

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Infinitech Hackathon: Open Day

Coorporate Events | May 2022

Crowdpolicy is organizing the digital event Infinitech Hackathon: Open Day on Tuesday 24 May 2022, 16:00 (CET), to discuss the goals, mechanics and processes of the Infinitech Hackathon that will be held on 16th and 17th of June remotely. We invite everyone from the private and public sector, startups, students and anyone else who is interested in participating in the biggest European fintech Hackathon to join us!

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Sustainability Hackathon

Crowdhackathons | April 2022

The Sustainability Hackathon will be the second open innovation action aimed at community and business activation to create innovative applications that contribute through technology and digitization to the goals of sustainability, education and entrepreneurship. The Sustainability Hackathon will take place on April 15-16-17Applications will be open until April 14, 2022!

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Open Day Sustainability Hackathon

Coming Up | March 2022

We are pleased to invite you to the informative Open Day of the Sustainability Hackathon in which the goals, the thematic units and the process of the innovation marathon will be presented. The Open Day will be held remotely using video conferencing tools on Tuesday 22 March 2022 at 17:00