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crowdhackathon #smartcity

Crowdhackathons | May 2017

CITY CHALLENGE - crowdhackathon #smartcity is a three-day marathon for the Development of Innovative Applications and Services, during which participants are to develop pilot services and applications solving problems that local authorities face and supporting local and national development through new technologies.

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crowdhackathon #insurance

Crowdhackathons | October 2016

On October 1 and 2, 2016, at the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Hub of the Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens INNOVATHENS, the two-day Crowdhackathon #Insurance innovation competition on application development (Minimum Viable Products - MVP) and its business innovation is organized.

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Open Data Cyprus crowdhackathon #ODC #opendatacy

Crowdhackathons | September 2016

The 1st Marathon for the Development of Applications for Open Public Data in Cyprus (Open Data Cyprus Crowdhackathon #ODC #opendatacy) is a fact.

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NBG i-bank #fintech crowdhackathon

Crowdhackathons | April 2016

On 23 and 24 April 2016 we are going to hold a two-day NBG i-bank #fintech crowdhackathon whose topic will be the development of applications (Minimum Viable Products – MVPs) and the operational innovation in financial transactions (fintech). We invite young entrepreneurs, developers, analysts, designers, communication, marketing and customer service executives, business consultants, professionals, students, pupils and anyone interested to take part in the NBG i-bank #fintech crowdhackathon and actively contribute to the development of applications, systems and methodologies that promote innovative youth and social entrepreneurship and the economy.

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SETE Tourism crowdhackathon

Crowdhackathons | October 2015

ΟThe Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE), wishing to strengthen competitiveness and to promote the leading role of tourism in the Greek economy, organizes a Hackathon, the first Marathon for the development of applications in the domain of Tourism. The event, "SETE Tourism Crowdhackathon, Innovating with Opendata" will be held on the 17th and the 18th of October 2015 at INNOVATHENS, the Athens Innovation and Entrepreneurship Hub, located at Technopolis City of Athens.

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crowdhackathon #transport

Crowdhackathons | July 2015

On the 18th and the 19th of July 2015, Athens Urban Transport Organisation (OASA S.A.), Crowdpolicy Innovative Company and InnovAthens, the Athens’ Municipality Innovation and Entrepreneurship Hub located at Technopolis S.A., organise a two-day Hackathon Festival focused on the design and implementation of applications leveraging open data.

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crowdhackathon #apodeiksi

Crowdhackathons | June 2015

On the 13th and the 14th of June Crowdpolicy and “INNOVATHENS”, the Athens’ Municipality Innovation and Entrepreneurship Hub located at Technopolis S.A., organise a two-day Crowdhackathon focused on the design and implementation of mobile applications against tax evasion.