Agro Tech Services

Platform for the promotion of local businesses and products 

It is a digital platform that will support local businesses in the agri-food sector and provide users with a structured list of local businesses, thus creating an online community focused on the business reality of the Municipality and boosting the promotion and extroversion of local agri-food businesses.

At the same time, it will enable activities such as exhibitions and bazaars that are in progress or will be planned in the future to turn digital.

Main features:

  • Online ordering of products (e-shop)
  • Information service
  • Creating a basket – adding products to a customer wish list

Online promotion of products

The platform will provide a description of the agricultural products of the local producers available for sale and support decentralized operation of both retail and wholesale stores. Each producer/farmer will be able to access their own space through which they will be able to promote and market their products or promote content (eg recipes, sweets, packaging). The Platform should be interconnected with online payment systems in the future, but initially, it will support only orders.

Information and content management service

It includes information on agriculture/production news of the region, subsidies, new crops, best production practices, legal framework, etc. In addition, in this section, each producer will be able to publish their own methods by creating a mini site/blog that they will be able to manage along with the products available on the e-shop.

Discover Agro Lasithi Platform for the Oropedio Lasithi Municipality:

Platform for job offers and the needs of local businesses

It is a user-friendly digital platform that will allow users to search for job offers in the following sectors of economy:

  • Agriculture
  • Tourism
  • Food and Beverage
  • Agri-food
  • Art and Culture
  • Education
  • Support for vulnerable groups

The platform will be constantly enriched with categories of occupations and needs. In addition, the platform will be able to function as a marketplace enabling interested parties to get in touch and cooperate on their own initiative. Complete information will be readily available through search filters and geolocation.

An innovative feature of the Go 4.0 Growth #now platform is the publication of information on underused equipment of companies of each sector in order to support the rationale of resource sharing, community building, solidarity and mutual assistance for all members of the local community.

Within the framework of the project, supply and demand mechanisms for the sector of tourism will also be available for use.

Crowdhackathon #Agrifood

The Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food organizes the 1st crowdhackathon #Agrifood for the development of applications and services in the broader field of agri-food. The crowdhackathon #Agrifood will be held on 5-7 April 2019 at befinnovative in Moschato (74 Piraeus Str.) with the technological and operational support of the Greek technology and innovation company Crowdpolicy. This action aims to mobilize the creative human capital, boost creativity and youth entrepreneurship and promote innovation in the agri-food sector, thus contributing to the economic recovery of our country. The crowdhackathon #Agrifood is part of the effort of the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food to promote openness, inspire and motivate young people to innovate in the agri-food sector.

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