Crowdpolicy Energy Tech



EnergyTech encompasses all open innovation solutions and services related to the energy sector. Such solutions and services are addressed, but are not limited, to the following stakeholders of the energy ecosystem:

  • Energy retailers
  • Prosumers (producers/consumers)
  • Energy Community participants
  • Electric Vehicle fleet managers
  • Electric Vehicle owners
  • Charging Point Operators (CPOs)
  • Renewable Energy Asset owners

2.Solutions and Services

Indicative solutions and services in EnergyTech are listed below.

  1. Energy Wallet

Scope: Application allowing utility customers to interact with their energy retailer on the basis of acquiring specific services (e.g. purchase of renewable energy) towards fostering their engagement with the utility

End-users: Energy retailers, Prosumers

  1. Chatbots for Energy

Scope: Provision of customer support services using chatbots that will be able to exchange information with the enterprise systems (CRM and ERP)

End-users: Energy retailers, Energy Community participants

  1. Smart Metering Open Standards

Scope: Support of smart metering standards, such as DLMS/COSEM, in order to provide access to smart metering data to prosumers

End-users: Energy retailers, Prosumers

  1. Green Certificates / Guarantees of Origin

Scope: Tool for logging and trading of Green Certificates / Guarantees of Origin of energy produced by Renewable Energy Resources

End-users: Renewable Energy Asset owners, Prosumers, Energy Community participants

  1. Energy Community Manager

Scope: Management tool for the energy exchange within the boundaries of the Energy Community, as well as for management of the assets belonging to the Energy Community participants

End-users: Energy Community Participants

  1. Electric Vehicle Fleet Manager

Scope: Platform for the management of the fleets of Electric Vehicles (EVs) allowing fleet owners to optimize their portfolio and offer service both to their customers (e.g. information on available EV charging points, loyalty points, etc.) and the DSO in the form of ancillary services (Vehicle-to-Grid, voltage support, etc.)

End-users: Electric Vehicle fleet managers, Electric Vehicle Owners

  1. Charging Station Locator

Scope: Customer application for provision of information regarding the location and status of EV charging stations, as well as other services from the Charging Point Operator. Could be based on open standards and APIs

End-users: Charging Point Operators, Electric Vehicle Owners

  1. Demand Response Platform

Scope: Platform to support and manage the Demand Response (DR) programs to be launched by the energy retailer or the energy community manager. The DR platform should support the OpenADR 2.0b standard

End-users: Energy retailers, Energy Community managers

  1. Demand Response Customer App

Scope: Web and/or mobile application allowing customers to opt-in or opt-out from DR campaigns and also providing them with feedback and insights on their energy consumption.

End-users: Prosumers, Energy Community participants

  1. Crowdfunding Platform for Renewable Energy Resource Projects

Scope: Crowdfunding platform that will bring together and match owners of RES licenses looking for financing for their projects and individuals willing to microfinance the said projects.

End-users: Energy retailers, Prosumers, Energy Community participants

3.Open APIs for Energy

Open APIs

  • In Australia, work has already begun on an Open Energy programme, which seeks to replicate the work in the finance sector across consumer energy providers. Clearly, the frameworks and standards piloted by Open Banking are leading to an Open API regime where customers can be more informed of fees and charges, and new service providers can ply their wares in a regulated environment.”

  • Open Standards for the UK Energy Sector

  • API Management platform drives digital transformation in energy sector

  • Open Energy

4.Ecosystem Building

Hackathons (indicative list of solutions sought based on open APIs)

  • Demand forecasting algorithms and tools
  • Production forecasting algorithms and tools
  • Theft identification
  • Predictive maintenance of assets
  • Network topology discovery from smart metering data
  • Customer engagement

Public Power Corporation S.A. (PPC) is the first provider in the energy sector to implement an innovative digital chatbot platform with the aim of upgrading customer service and creating a good practice in online transactions.