The act4Greece program is a pioneering initiative for the promotion of social and developmental banking.

For the first time in Greece, an online platform has been created which enables the gathering of resources from the “crowd” – from anyone interested, wherever they may be in the world. The resources are then directed to specific projects undertaken by implementing bodies. The core philosophy of crowdfunding is to enhance awareness among the public and to motivate people to contribute, as much as they can, to the implementation of projects that are needed by Greek society.

The program covers projects falling within 7 action areas: 1) Welfare, Health and Solidarity, 2) Social Economy and Entrepreneurship, 3) Culture and Cultural Entrepreneurship, 4) Young and Innovative Entrepreneurship, 5) Environment and Sustainability, 6) Research, Education and Training, and 7) Sporting Activities.

The various act4Greece actions are being implemented by bodies with a solid track record in such activity, through the program’s website, by leveraging the potential of the crowdfunding financing model.

The funds raising through the act4Greece are donations, and in the future – as soon as the appropriate institutional framework has been put in place – they will be also raised through lending (especially small loans), and through equity participation, by supporting innovative business start-ups.


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