In collaboration with the Bank of Cyprus, Crowdpolicy implemented the API Developers Portal ( to simulate and implement productive APIs based on the Open Banking standard and the APIs required for PSD2. The goal of this approach was the visual and functional integration of the Bank’s productive and Sandbox APIs with the support of value-added community activation services as well as the maturation of an API strategy. Additionally, the bocAPI ( contributes to the development and creation of new applications which will provide new experiences in banking transactions in the future.

The design of its environment aimed to achieve the following:

The API Developers Portal is used by more than 140 developers and it was also used during the BoC Hackathon ( held by the Bank of Cyprus. Through bocAPI (, developers and anyone interested can experiment with the Bank’s testing infrastructures and technologies that cover the entire range of transactions.

Brief Presentation of the API Developers Portal: The API Developers Portal ( is made up of the following APIs:


It is used to gain access to Bank of Cyprus customers’ accounts via OAuth2 and, then, to access an API  account and payment.


It is used to gain access to account data of Bank of Cyprus customers who have authorized it. Accessible information includes the account number, IBAN, account name, type, available balance and transaction history.


It is used to execute any payment action between two Bank of Cyprus accounts or one of the Bank’s accounts and another institution via SEPA / SWIFT.


It is used to obtain the access token, which is a prerequisite for accessing all other APIs.

Business Payments

It is used for business purposes, such as the execution of mass / multiple payments between Bank of Cyprus accounts or other institutions’ accounts.

Other APIs

They are used to perform support procedures.

Implementation features of bocAPI:

Find out more about bocAPI and its documentation at

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