ATTIKO METRO S.A. is a state company of high scientific training, which, based on reliable scheduling and systematic work implements the development of the Athens Metro network. Nowadays, the two Lines of the Athens Metro are 59.7 km long in total with 40 modern Stations and serve 938,000 passengers. In addition, Line 1 of ISAP serves more than 460,000 passengers. Therefore – combined with the Tramway and the Suburban Railway, the Metro contributes to the development of a Modern Transit Model and to the enhancement of the every-day life in Attica basin.

Project Details

The Challenge

One of the most important and complicated projects of Attiko Metro S.A. is the Metro construction in Thessaloniki which will transform the city of Thessaloniki in terms of transportation. In this context, Attiko Metro S.A. wants to provide direct information and engage all relevant stakeholders for the progress of constructions and its impact in the local society.

Our Approach

Crowdpolicy designed and developed an advanced online information system, with embedded GIS services to support citizens’ engagement and participation in Metro Project. Crowdpolicy also designed real time infographics that depict the process of implementation and a 360 campaign that incorporated the use of social media, QR codes and other mobile features.

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