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Open Banking

The Fintelio X Open Banking solution covers all necessary technical and regulatory requirements that allow TPPs to build AIS & PIS services, on top of the Bank’s existing infrastructure. 



In order to fully capture the value of fintech APIs, a well-designed Software Development Kit (SDK) can provide developers with essential tools to produce new applications more efficiently. Acting as a single hub of information for developers, fintech SDKs built on top of existing APIs can act as a new platform for case studies and application prototypes, while dramatically reducing development time and maintenance costs for new applications.

Fintelio X SDK includes all relevant information, encapsulated endpoints, and functions to maximize its use by developers and affiliate technology providers of the Bank’s Open Banking APIs.

It supports two (2) market Initiatives for implementing APIs in accordance with the PSD2 Directive, Open Banking UK or Berlin NextGen PSD2.

Fintelio X SDK includes libraries, support tools, and sample code in popular programming languages: Android, Swift, PHP, Javascript, Typescript – Angular js, Typescript – node js, Java (widespread Frameworks eg SPring, Undertow, JAX-RS: CDI

SDK offers the following services

  1. Analysis & Planning  / Structured Documentation dn Usage Scenarios
  2. Pilot service (application) that will use the javascript SDK of the Bank’s Open Banking APIs or Google Android application
  3. Implementation based on the specifications of Analysis & Planning
  4. Delivery code to be developed and relevant documentation
  5. Supportive micro site for Fintelio X SDK

In short, 


Sandbox API Portal applies to:


AI powered intelligent agent platform to support automated operations in a conversational way – CompatIble with any device and OS, messaging platforms. 

A Fintelio X Bot is intended for proactively engaging members and providers, simplifying clients. interaction with them and save on the bottomline. It can acquire informational and transactional  character, but also take advantage of the technology strategy and marketing/sales strategy as well. 


Run business or social crowdfunding campaign as a bank. Integrated with your payment infrastructure – rules engine to comply with legislation.

Crowdsourcing ideas for your organization is another way to connect with the public, improve your brand image, and get some great ideas to boot.  With crowdsourcing financial institutions can connect with employees, customers, or stakeholders to find ideas that will help streamline processes, improve productivity, and identify new strategies that will help build the financial institution of the future. 

Create your own crowdsourcing platform using FIntelioX Crowdfunding and invite your employees, stakeholders, or the public to participate in a crowdsourcing project. You can dream up new ideas for the next employee family day, or ask the public for anything from ideas for “bank swag” to what type of community event they’d like you to host. 

All payments will be supported using the existing infrastructure, as well as utilize P2P functionality or other Open Banking initiatives,will be available using FintelioX platform modules.

Community Activation

Community Activation aims to enable the startup business ecosystem to use the banking API in order for applications to be implemented by third parties.

The banking API can be used to implement systems and applications by third parties such as:

to complete their solutions and incorporate functionalities that can be implemented using the API.

Such solutions can be addressed to end users (C) or business customers (B) and cover a wide range of applications such as:

This approach aims to develop initiatives to make the ecosystem aware of the Bank’s APIs, work with the Developers Portal and Sandbox, see examples of applications and build its own applications using the APIs of the Bank.

Community activation can run in addition to the strategy of implementation of the Bank’s productive APIs, as it creates the necessary interest and engagement to the ecosystem in order to attract applications to the API app marketplace and use APIs from more and more applications.

In summary, the benefits generated by community activation are as follows: