Crowd Deliberation

Crowd Participation platform allows organizing and implementing public deliberation for actions and projects of a city or a region. It combines evaluation and prioritization, addressed to executives and citizens. The platform supports:

  • Multiple online deliberations hosting
  • User- friendly presentation for easy adaptation and use by citizens
  • Comment section
  • Proposal and idea collection from people and organisations
  • Vote and rating of submitted ideas from all users 

The municipality encourages and promotes both citizens’ and organizations’ participation and the concept of collective formulation. The electronic platform is based on innovative participatory technologies (Crowdapps) which support the active involvement of the citizens and organizations on a local level.  Once the platform is implemented, a constant mechanism which gives bottom-up feedback and vice versa in case the Municipality sets a topic for deliberation, will be formed. Last but not least, apart from the suggestions, users will be able to leave comments on the already published ideas and proposals, in order to commence exchange of opinions.  The platform is open to every citizen, and collective body to state their point of view on ideas and actions already recommended or submit their own ones.